Anika - Summer Edit

With an eye for distinctive and mesmerising designs, Ayana beautifully merges the love for nature with glamour and luxury. The collections are created with fabrics that are fun yet with intricate detailing that revisits the endless feminine charm.  

Drawing inspiration from the sun and life around us, this collective is for those who light up any party or gathering with their energy. Described as playful and fun with ruffled blouses and breezy bottoms, this is a party wear collection for women. This collective keeps in mind the idea of a destination wedding and presents party wear for women that re-look traditional wedding wear with up to date sensibilities.

Asvah Georgette Gown
Rs. 5,500.00
Stardust Georgette Gown
Rs. 5,500.00
Bandhini Kotadoria Silk Gown
Rs. 6,999.00
Floral Raspberry Raw Silk Gown
Rs. 13,500.00

Yodha Chanderi Silk Gown
Rs. 6,200.00
Dheerga Lehenga Set
Rs. 32,500.00
Kahaniyaan Lehenga Set
Rs. 20,500.00
Rimjhim Lehenga Set
Rs. 36,500.00

Moksha Lehenga Set
Rs. 13,500.00
Raheja Draped Saree Set
Rs. 16,000.00
Chamara Lehenga Set
Rs. 18,000.00
Malinga Lehenga Set
Rs. 46,500.00

Reva Lehenga Set
Rs. 20,500.00
Amariya Lehenga Set
Rs. 23,500.00
Victoria Lehenga Set
Rs. 17,500.00
Love Story Lehenga Set
Rs. 12,500.00

Isabella Lehenga Set
Rs. 16,500.00
Lemon Heaven Jacket with Bustier
Rs. 20,000.00