A 1000 Wishes: Ayana Collective

Silhouettes have transformed from perfectly structured to forgiving fits as the festive month's approach. Combining the best of both worlds is our new collective - A 1000 wishes has everything from party wear gowns for women to gorgeous indo western dresses for girls..

Drawing inspiration from the sun and life around us, this collective is for those who light up any party or gathering with their energy. Described as playful and fun with ruffled blouses and breezy bottoms, this is a party wear collection for women.

This collective keeps in mind the idea of a destination wedding and presents party wear for women that re-look traditional wedding wear with up to date sensibilities.

Endless Sky
Rs. 22,699.00
Free Bird
Rs. 26,499.00
An Emerald Narrative
Rs. 23,500.00
Rs. 23,500.00

Snow White
Rs. 21,699.00
Cherry Blossom
Rs. 22,499.00
Angel Song
Rs. 25,499.00
Distant Dream
Rs. 25,499.00