Dresses & Fusion Wear

Maleeha Cropped Jacket
Rs. 14,500.00
Maleeha Cropped Jacket Set
Rs. 19,500.00
Maleeha Flared Sharara Pants
Rs. 6,500.00
Gaurang Lehenga Set
Rs. 11,500.00

Thaarika Lehenga Set
Rs. 18,500.00
Urjitha Lehenga Set
Rs. 11,500.00
Elahe Lehenga Set
Rs. 24,500.00

Laal Rang Skirt Co-ord Set
Rs. 14,500.00
Angelica Skirt Coord Set
Rs. 19,500.00
Serene Lehenga Set
Rs. 12,500.00
Khushboo Lehenga Set
Rs. 11,500.00

Blue Pearl Kotasilk Gown
Rs. 6,499.00
Backwater Organza Silk Gown
Rs. 4,699.00
Field of Dreams Silk Gown
Rs. 7,499.00
Harmony Bouquet Silk Gown
Rs. 12,499.00

Firefly Embroidered Tussar silk Gown
Rs. 6,499.00
Blooms of Paradise Gown
Rs. 6,499.00
Rhapsody Floral Gown
Rs. 5,499.00
Gulmohar Anarkali Co-ord Set
Rs. 9,299.00

Estelle Anarkali Co-ord Set
Rs. 10,200.00
Aisha Anarkali Co-ord Set
Rs. 10,500.00